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Women's Drug and Alcohol Rehab

by: Orchid Recovery Center

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem for women of all ages and backgrounds. Drug abuse presents different health challenges in women which is why a different approach to treatment is needed in order to prevent relapses. Women who have been successful with overcoming addiction in womens drug rehab have had the support of family, friends, sober companions, and counselors.

Many women who use drugs or alcohol have faced serious threats to their mental and physical well-being. Research indicates over 50 percent of women with addiction problems report histories of physical or sexual abuse. Women are also far more likely than men to report a history of family addiction as well. Women who abuse drugs have low self-esteem and little self-worth. Many women do not get treatment at a womens drug rehab centersimply because they are afraid. They fear not being able to care for their children or possible jail time. Many women report that the men in their lives are who introduce them to drugs in the first place. These women struggle to remain clean when their significant other does not.

Current research suggests that women are more susceptible to addiction than men even after casual or experimental use. Therefore, by the time a woman enters a womens drug treatment center, she may already be severely addicted. This is why women require treatment that both identifies her specific needs and responds to them. Traditional drug treatment programs may not be as successful for women because the programs may not provide important services like child care. A continued relationship with a treatment counselor is an important factor in remaining sober. During expected relapse periods, women particularly need the support and encouragement of those around them. After completing a drug treatment program, women also need services to assist them in their ongoing recovery and in rejoining society seamlessly.

It is common for anyone with a drug addicted loved one to ask, ? But then again, the cost of any kind of drug rehab will always be much cheaper than the cost of not doing anything about drug addiction at all.