Basic Meeting format


Be sure to set out literature including Youth and Addiction. About Teen-Anon, Are You An Addict and put up the poster with the 12-steps, stick a sign on the meeting room door, another sign on the front of the building if people might have trouble finding the meeting room. Have a flyer with the 12-steps, the meeting Introduction, 12 Promises and a Daily Meditation book ready to read from. Arrive at least 15-minutes before meeting time. Get chairs around in a circle. Get teens to help. If you have a teen secretary, give him or her the meeting book.


1. Start the meeting on time with Introduction /Welcome. Be sure to say your first name.

2. Have the meeting secretary if there is one (a teen) introduce themselves by their first name as the secretary.

3. Read the 12-steps (one person or each in room taking one or two)

4. Read About Addiction

5. Have everyone read out loud the Serenity Prayer (you can also do this before the 12-steps)

6. Read the 12 Promises

7. Go around the room and have each person introduce themselves by first name. If they are new to the group, have them say so.

8. Ask someone to read from the Mediation Book a thought for that day or 2 or 3 pages related to a particular step that is being focused on at that meeting (you may want to make every 2nd or 4th meeting related to a particular step.)

9.Read the 'rules' about no cross-talk, no judging, no interruption and set a time for shares--a limit of 5 minutes or so.

10.Once a month, you may want to have a speaker for 12-15 minutes, to describe their 'story' to the group---how they were addicted, what they did, what clean and sober recovery has meant to them.

11. Announce it is time to share. Either go around the room in order or ask members to raise their hands when they want to share or have each person who shares pick the next person. (Leave 10 minutes before the end of the meeting for any newcomers to share.)

12.After regular shares are concluded or 15 minutes before the end of the meeting, announce 'the 7th.tradition' and pass around a cup for suggested contribution of $1.00...continue with shares as cup is passed around.

13.After shares and newcoming shares, ask everyone to applaud everyone for coming and sharing and read the Meeting Close.

14.Conclude with members linking hands for either Lord's Prayer or Closing Affirmation. Conclude either with 'Keep coming back. It works if you work it...and you're worth it.'

15.Allow time for people to talk to each other, ask questions, talk to the Leader/Supervisor and have soda or apple juice, cookies. You might want to get together at a fast-food restaurant afterwards.

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